...and then came King Alcohol

Johannes is 59 years old and has been an alcoholic for about 35 years. He lives in Germany’s capital Berlin in a health facility for chronic alcoholics, who due to their psychological and physical health condition can no longer live on their own. It is a so-called “liquid“ facility. The peculiarity is that the people are allowed to drink alcohol. The aim is not to force the men to withdraw, but to minimize the consumption of alcohol, to stabilize their health and provide them with a safe living environment.

Death is an omnipresent issue in the facility. Johannes has been thinking about where „King Alcohol“, as he calls it, will take him.
„Some say it is over when it is over. I would imagine that the body is dead and then the soul lingers on. That it will keep on noticing the further developments. But only in pictures, as if one were sleeping and dreaming.“

One year later: Johannes is in the hospital because the doctors diagnosed throat cancer.